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Safety and Security Survey and Assessment Grant 
We are excited to share that we have received a grant from Washington Risk Management Pool for a Safety and Security Survey and Assessment. We have contracted with Construction Services Group from ESD112 to complete this project for us.
The grant will include a physical assessment of all schools as well as interviews with first responders and school personnel.  The result will be a comprehensive assessment document identifying specific security improvement strategies, an action roadmap and budgetary guidance.
In other news, the final round of Education Specifications for Glacier Middle School took place before break, to include staff voice and feedback.  Phil has been on site at Glacier and we continue to refine the information provided through the Ed Spec meetings.  The Design Team will complete the process, finalizing document details and forward the information to the architects to begin their initial draft designs. 
This same work will happen at Wilkeson Elementary on April 12 and at Elk Ridge April 13th. 
Posted by Meagan.Rhoades On 31 May, 2016 at 4:09 PM  35 Comments

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