Public Works Small Works Roster

The White River School District #416 has partnered with MRSC Rosters for all Public Works Small Works Roster projects.  MRSC Rosters is a shared statewide small works and consultant roster system that 358 Washington State cities, counties and districts use to search for project bidders. To be eligible to provide quotes for school districts projects you must be a participating member of MRSC Rosters.  

Please register for FREE at

Make sure you select White River School District  in your account.  If you have questions about registering, please contact MRSC Rosters directly at 206-625-1300.

If you have questions about Whiter River School District projects, contact us directly at one of the following emails/phone numbers:

Jessica Richied - Email 360-829-3983   Becky Breeden - Email 360-829-3831  

Repairs, construction, alterations, or improvements performed at a cost to the White River School District is a Public Works.   Public works require that prevailing wages be paid.

R.C.W 28a.335.190, also known as the Public School Bid Law, states that school districts establish a Small Works Roster of qualified contractors/service providers who wish to receive bidding information, and be considered for performing work on public works projects estimated to cost less that $300,000.00

1.  Be a registered contractor in the State of Washington
2.  Be able to provide performance bond.
3.  Pay Prevailing Wage rates.
4.  Provide adequate insurance.
5. Comply with federal, state and local laws regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action.

The White River School District will work directly from the MRSC Roster.  All Interested contractors/service providers are encouraged to register with MRSC and select White River School District.